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Jewellery Sales & Marketing (JSM)

Learn the new age professional techniques to sell jewellery with all experience sharing concepts and mentorship by India's First Master Trainer by the G&J council of India.

DURATION: 1 Months ( 5 days a week-Tuesday to Saturday)

Concept of SALES<br>Concept of MARKETING
Difference Between Sales and Marketing
Definition, Approach, Focus, Process, Scope, Horizon, Priority and Identity of both sales and marketing<br>Sales Vs Marketing activities<br>Start-ups advice set for business
46 Real life jewellery marketing stories and suggestions
Jewellery research reportsConcept of Stock turnover ratio
History of indian jewellery and Indian Mindset towards Jewellery pan India         
Retail store formats
Annual consumption of gold
Understanding a sales associate and his responsibility
Responsibility while making sales and add-on sales
General rule for customer contact
Customer engaging techniques
Factors Influencing Buying Behaviour of customers
Type of Customers
The New Age Customer
Handling Customer Complaints
Effective Complaint Management systems
Understanding Common Customer Complaints
Essential Steps of Selling Process
Concept of Good, Bad And Excellent Service
Stock Management Enterpreneurship mentoring
Business guidelines and models

Fee Schedule